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In The Fast Lane: MODO's Journey to 5X Faster Times To Go-Live Features

Case Study: MODO

About the Company

A shopkeeper operating a payment terminal and a customer making a contactless payment


Buenos Aires, Argentina




Financial Services

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Modern Data Stack

MODO is a product of Play Digital S.A., an independent company whose shareholders are the majority of public and private banks in Argentina. It offers three services: money transfers, money requests, and payments through QR codes. Paying with MODO is safer, more convenient, and more practical.


Modo’s expanding operations and data demands required an enhanced data platform that could manage the increasing volume, variety, and necessary features of the business. A new platform was needed to address limitations such as process tracing constraints, scalability issues with data processing, and implementation of new orchestration, monitoring, and reprocessing tools.


Our team of expert, high-performance, #DataNerds designed and implemented a robust, self-hosted, Modern Data Stack that could easily be deployed and was flexible enough to handle present challenges while remaining scalable in the future.

By addressing technical debt and leveraging cutting-edge tools and industry best practices in Data Engineering and DataOps, we achieved significant improvements in various critical areas. Our focus included enhancing Data Orchestration, Visualization, Monitoring, and Data Cataloging components, allowing for streamlined and efficient data operations.


The project had a profound impact by enabling faster go-live features, embedding dashboards for real-time data visualization, and ensuring 100% organization and traceability of process executions. These improvements resulted in increased operational efficiency and a more successful project outcome.

100% Traceable and organized process execution

5x Faster times to go-live feature

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“Mutt Data was not only an experienced ally for our data platform project but also a great enabler of best practices, processes, and open communication. Their expertise building Modern Data Stack Platforms was critical in improving our operational efficiency and delivery”.

Andrés Scoccimarro
Chief Technology Officer at MODO

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Increase in CPMs

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Decrease In CPCs With Mutt Data’s Solution

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increase in advertising clicks without affecting organic GMV

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Increase in processing capabilities

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the client witnessed a reduction in manual conciliation processes.

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reduction in data pipeline processing and data deivery time

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Decrease In CPCs With Mutt Data’s Solution

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Decrease In CPCs With Mutt Data’s Solution

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