Leverage AI‑Driven Solutions for Telcos

Safeguard your business against millions of dollars in annual losses from fraud, categorize suspicious online transactions using limited training data, and tackle inefficient network maintenance with advanced, real-time machine learning and AI‑powered models.

Prepaid Card Programmatic Fraud Detector

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Every year, millions of dollars are lost due to fraud. Use AI to rapidly identify and prevent seller fee fraud, burners, and anonymous phone validations in prepaid lines using limited training data.

Capture unique patterns in user behaviors and generate prediction vectors and variables for new prepaid lines using transaction data obtained in as little as a few days.

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1.5M Dollars per year saved for a specific business unit
60% Savings in seller fees annually

Wallet Transactions Risk Classifier

Detect and categorize suspicious online wallet and payment transactions accurately to prevent fraud and illicit activities in virtual wallets. Utilize limited training data with unsupervised learning and mixed machine learning models that process data in real-time and can be rolled back if needed. Easily establish compliance rules through an online dashboard and constantly update your model using real-time data and user metrics.

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Sites Maintenance Organizer (SMO)

Network maintenance is inefficient and labor-intensive, leading to unpredictable failures, downtime, revenue loss, and dissatisfied customers. The lack of geographic planning for maintenance adds to the expenses and inefficiencies due to travel and time-related issues.

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Predict the failure of antenna cells before they go down.

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Group sites with similar maintenance cycles and geography using clustering.

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Optimize maintenance planning.

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