Boost Your Marketing Strategy with AI‑Driven Insights

Leverage innovative AI‑driven techniques in attribution, marketing mix modeling, lifetime value prediction, fraud detection, and recommendation engines. Harness the power of AI to design your winning strategy.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Harness the Power of AI to tackle modern advertising challenges. Efficiently allocate your advertising budget across various channels and campaigns while avoiding overspending. Integrate and compare performance data from different offline and online channels, complement user-level attribution, and avoid bottom-of-the-funnel bias.

Accurately measure the incremental effects of your marketing efforts with AI-driven frameworks. With Marketing Mix Modelling, understand the true incremental impact of each media source on both online and offline channels.

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+30%GMV increase

–12%Spend reduction

Multi-Touch Attribution

15% Budget redistribution on ROAS-efficient channels

Employ custom attribution models based on game theory to determine each channel’s contribution without biases. Accurately track and assign credit to every touchpoint in a customer’s journey in real-time based on their incremental contribution.

Feed your findings into machine learning-based budget allocation systems to optimize marketing efforts for maximum ROI.

Customer LTV Prediction

100K Enabled focus shift to loyalty campaigns for their top 100K users.

12% Reduction in MKT costs on ineffective LTV channels.

Customer CHURN Prediction

100K Dollars per year saved on customer retention and acquisition reduction.

20% Improvement in the effectiveness of customer retention programs.

Programmatic Fraud Detection

12% Of purchases flagged as fraud.

+50K Said 12% represents 50-120K USD saved monthly.

Online advertising fraud can cost businesses millions and damage their reputation. Detecting and preventing it requires sophisticated algorithms to distinguish legitimate from fake clicks.

Real-time ML analysis is necessary for prevention as fraudsters use ever-evolving schemes. Adaptable algorithms are essential to keep up with new fraud patterns as traditional rule-based systems struggle to keep up.

Custom MarTech Solutions

If you have a specific problem that needs solving, we’re up for the challenge! In addition to the use cases mentioned, we also provide custom artificial intelligence and machine learning consultancy to help you find the precise solution your business needs. Let us put our expertise to work for you and help you achieve your unique goals.

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