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#DataNerds is NOT just a slogan
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We are computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, economists, but above all we are Data Nerds.

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We have experience building and maintaining data systems that process 100s of TBs for large scale multinational corporations and technology startups.

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We have built systems that can process data in real-time, in the cloud and that use the latest techniques in Machine Learning to drive business value.

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We are looking for outstanding data and ML engineers, data scientists and engineering managers to help us develop state of the art solutions for fast-growing businesses around the world.

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Our Values

We Are #DataNerds

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We share a passion for evolving and learning.

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We champion technology craftsmanship using best tools, practices, and methodologies for the job.

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We enjoy being challenged and working on new things.

We Are Open Team Players

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We all have a key role to play, everybody wins when the team wins.

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We favour open, async, written communication.

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We build long-lasting productive relationships with our clients.

We Take Ownership

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We are strongly committed to understanding our clients' needs and wants.

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We proactively solve issues removing bottlenecks and uncertainty.

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We hold ourselves accountable for maximizing client value.

We Have a Positive Mindset

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We are optimistic and easy going: expect the best.

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We are humble and take failures as learning opportunities.

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We care for others and help them grow through candid and kind feedback.

Our Culture

We Are An Open Team

We Share A Passion for Learning and Evolving

In our team, curiosity is contagious. We believe that the hunger for knowledge and growth fuels innovation and success. Together, we foster an environment where intellectual curiosity thrives, and the pursuit of excellence knows no bounds.

We are an Open Team

Collaboration lies at the heart of our culture. We care in the power of diverse perspectives, and we cherish the richness that comes from a team that openly shares ideas, feedback, and knowledge. We celebrate the strength of unity, as we understand that together, we can achieve far more than any individual ever could.

We are an open team

We Believe in a Remote Culture

Distance is no obstacle to us; in fact, it opens doors to a world of talent and possibilities. We have fully embraced the remote-first culture, recognizing the benefits it brings to both individuals and the organization.

We Prioritize Results Over Hours

Our approach to work transcends the traditional notions of hourly obsession. We protect and respect the value of uninterrupted work, understanding that it fuels creativity and enables us to deliver exceptional outcomes. We measure success not by the hours put in, but by the tangible results we achieve.

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