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Etermax Sees A 40% Decrease In CPCs With Mutt Data’s Solution

Case Study: Etermax

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Etermax is one of the largest gaming companies in the world, especially known for its trivia games headed by the global hit Trivia Crack. The company aspires to reinvent the way in which we connect with the world, develop communities, and co-create value through gamified content in order to awaken and promote people’s curiosity. Alongside its gaming developments, Etermax is also a pioneer in creating brand gamification solutions to be the natural bridge between brands and gaming, and its team is boosting artificial intelligence platforms for enterprises.


In 2020, Etermax acquired a DSP (Demand Side Platform) to contribute to its direct branding and in-game advertising campaigns for brands within its games and the more than 2.200 titles it represents. After testing it, Etermax determined that their Demand Side Platform needed a performance improvement that could generate orders of magnitude of gains, against the most established mobile Demand Side Platforms.


Our team of expert, high-performance, #DataNerds developed a new machine learning model-based bidding logic for their Demand Side Platform (DSP) with models that more accurately predicted Win Rate, Click-Through Rate (CTR), Cost, and Conversion Rate (CVR) for each auction. We also developed a new performance base budget pacing mechanism. The following tools were used for the project: Vowpal Wabbit, Airflow, MLFlow, and Amazon Athena.

40% Decrease in CPCs

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“As both advertisers and media providers, we're always seeking better ways to improve our reach and performance for our network partners titles and our own games. Thanks to allies like Mutt Data, we've seen a significant optimization on the DSP we use that has driven growth in inventory results for our in-game advertising solutions”.

Juan Pablo Veiga
VP of Brand Gamification at Etermax


After just four months of work, with no modifications to the previously used budget, Etermax’s system showed a:

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Increase in CPMs

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increase in advertising clicks without affecting organic GMV

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Increase in processing capabilities

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the client witnessed a reduction in manual conciliation processes.

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reduction in data pipeline processing and data deivery time

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Decrease In CPCs With Mutt Data’s Solution

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Decrease In CPCs With Mutt Data’s Solution

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Traceable and organized process execution

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