Mastering the Art of Modern Marketing

Accurately measure the incremental effects of your marketing efforts with AI-driven frameworks. With Marketing Mix Modelling, understand the true incremental impact of each media source on both online and offline channels.

What is the optimal way to allocate my marketing budget in order to maximize my results? Spending too little can be as much of a problem as spending too much if your marketing dollars are not properly allocated.


Measure Both Online and Offline Channels

It’s difficult to integrate and compare performance data from different channels to inform planning and forecasting.


Complement User Level Attribution

With Apple and Google making changes to protect user privacy, traditional user-level attribution on online channels is limited.


Avoid Bottom of the Funnel Bias

Last-click attribution over-credits channels closer to the bottom of the funnel such as paid search and under-credits top-of-funnel like TV.


Efficiently Allocate Budget

Working with different channels and multiple campaigns within those channels, it’s challenging to identify the optimal spend for each one and avoid overspending past the point of saturation.

Level Up Your Budget Allocation

Optimize ad spend across channels and campaigns with AI to maximize marketing impact, avoiding overspending and diminishing returns.

Maximize ad budget impact by pinpointing the channels that generate the greatest impact, allowing you to concentrate your efforts where they matter most.

Leverage comprehensive data sets and seasonality decomposition to anticipate fluctuations in sales during specific months and special occasions.

Predict consumer behaviour optimizing your budget allocation withing each month for greater efficiency.

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Understand The True Impact Of Your Ad Efforts

Not all the effects of advertising are felt immediately. Understand the lag and decay effects of your campaigns to create coherent strategies. Estimate the real impact of each influencing factor on conversions.

Study saturation response curves to stop spend beyond the optimal investment point, funneling additional budget to obtain better results.

Compare historical data vs our model predictions to identify features that aren’t being considered.

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