The Modern Data Stack:
A Technical Roadmap

The key to building a successful Modern Data Stack lies in knowing when to expand, in which way, and what challenges are going to appear along the way.

The Modern Data Stack is made up of multiple components. Much like a band or orchestra, a single instrument can carry a tune, but it's not until you layer in all the other instruments (or components) that you access the full experience.

In this document, you’ll learn:

[Use Case] What challenges should you expect when implementing your MDS?
What components make up a Modern Data Stack?
What tools do we recommend for each component?
What Can Mutt Data Do For Your Data Stack?

Modern Data Stack Technical Roadmap

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Meet The Modern Data Stack

The Modern Data space has evolved by leaps and bounds, altering the very fabric of business analytics and data management.

The purpose of this stack, which centers around an ecosystem of tools, is to support the collection, movement, storage, transformation, and operationalization of data.

In this document, you’ll learn:

What is a Modern Data Stack?
Questions to ask before implementing a MDS
Why Implement a Modern Data Stack?
Its Game-Changing Benefits

Modern Data Stack

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